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Design Process

At Antigua Design Studios, we realize that all clients differ in the services they require. We are happy to provide the services that you desire, whether they are merely consultations, conceptual designs, planting plans, maintenance reviews, or a full set of construction plans.

For those who would like to know more about the full services of a landscape architect the process generally is as follows:

To get started, we ask our client to prepare a 'wish list' of goals, activities and features they would like in their new landscape. Collect magazine clippings and photos of inspiring landscape projects, features, styles, moods and plants. Consider personal delights such as bird and butterfly gardens, fragrance, edible landscapes, color schemes and cut flowers.

You will meet with your designer to discuss your ideas and pertinent issues such as:
  • How would you like to use your exterior space?
  • Do you love to garden or do you have a black thumb?
  • What are things you know you don't want?
  • Are you concerned with water efficiency and sustainability?
  • Do you want to use recycled materials?
  • What is your budget for the project?

Your designer will then review the site, take measurements, evaluate the site's opportunities and constraints, and review local codes and association guidelines that affect you.

At Antigua, your designer will create two conceptual drawings that provide you with possible scenarios for your landscape. We will discuss these with you and invite you to try the ideas on for size or brainstorm other possibilities. Our thumbnail sketches of 3-dimensional features will help you visualize the plans. Pictures of plants will be reviewed to identify your preferences. The design process is fully interactive and your designer will incorporate your preferences and changes into the final design.

Once a plan has been established, details such as iron railings and wood arbors are designed and refined. The owner, with the guidance of the designer selects materials, color, and finishes for everything in the landscape.

Once the client approves the details, construction drawings will be prepared. These will include hardscape, drainage, grading, irrigation, planting and lighting plans, details and specifications. These will serve as binding instructions for your contractor.

Your landscape architect can then assist you with construction administration that may include plan processing by the city, fire departments or homeowners association, selection of a contractor, bid review, construction observation and on-site modifications as required.

In addition Antigua can provide maintenance manuals and instruct you or your maintenance crew how to care for your new Antigua Design Studio landscape.
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